Forums in the Concealed Carry Niche

These are the 5 most relevant discussion forums in the concealed carry niche.

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1. Northwest Firearms
Free resources for gun owners of Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming - Classifieds, gun talk, concealed carry advice, shooting maps, reloading help, gun shop reviews, and more.  

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2. Glock Forum - GlockTalk
Forum has 817 topics.  

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3. The Firing Line
The Leading Online Forum for firearms Enthusiasts  

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4. The High Road
The Best Gun Forum on the Internet  

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5. North Shore Mountain Biking Fo
Quality mountain bike editorial, photos, videos and news from a North Shore perspective.  

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About the Concealed Carry Niche

Concealed carry, or carrying a concealed weapon, is the practice of carrying a weapon, either on one's person or in close proximity, in public places in a manner that hides or conceals the weapon's presence from the surrounding observers. The opposite of concealed carry is called open carry. While most law enforcement officers carry their handguns in a visible holster, some officers such as plainclothes detectives or undercover agents, carry weapons in concealed holsters. In some countries and jurisdictions, civilians are legally required to obtain a concealed carry permit in order to possess and carry a firearm. In others, a CCW permit is only required if the firearm is not visible to the eye, such as carrying said weapon in one's purse, bag, trunk, etc. Source: WikiPedia

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