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Hi I'm Brett. I've been making money online since 1998. I started by writing articles for $'s after seeing some "write for us" links on tech blogs. After that I started a successful shareware software business. I then switched to building mini-niche sites. In 2013 I started FindAForum, which is now the internet's biggest specialist directory of discussion forums.

On this page you can find a lot of useful information about the make money online niche. Find more niches researched for you here.

If you want to research ANY niche then download my Niche Laboratory Pro niche research tool. It will also show you additional data including expired domains, influencers, a huge list of niche resources and estimated keyword difficulty. Oh, and you can also examine your competitors' websites as well!

Find A Niche - Make Money Online

Starting a site in the make money online niche? Here's what FindAForum's Find A Niche service knows about this niche.

Estimate of Niche Popularity

Estimated popularity score for the make money online niche is 100% (0 = easy, 100 = very hard).

This niche is very popular with bloggers. You'll need to work hard to rank well in this niche.

Micro Niches

Here are some micro niches within the larger make money online niche.

Micro Niches Related to the Make Money Online Niche

Micro Niche Keywords
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Here are some popular micro niches. All of the keywords you see listed here have plenty of search volume for it to be worthwhile making a micro-niche site about them.

Some of these niches may be completely unrelated to the make money online niche. Don't automatically discount them - weird and unusual niches can be extremely lucrative!

The make money online niche is very popular with bloggers. So you're strongly advised to seek out a less competitive micro-niche within the larger make money online niche.

Niche Forums

This report shows some of the most popular discussion forums in the make money online niche. Check these forums out to see what people are talking about in this niche. Forums are particularly useful for finding out what newbies in a particular niche want to find out, so check out what questions new forum posters in particular are asking in these forums.

Niche Discussion Forums

The Bot World

TBW is a free botting community a place for bots,prizes,contests,make money and more...

438 Topics
1,320 Posts

The Money Making Forum - Talk

The Money Making Forum

1,131 Members
1,916 Topics
3,670 Posts


eMoneySpace, your safe haven to learn more about online earning opportunities.

Welcome to DNF.comâ„¢

DNForum is the largest forum on the web where people go to buy, sell and talk about domain names. Learn how to make money off domains and websites through pay per click programs.

479,879 Topics
1,934,574 Posts

Cooking Junkies Forums

Cooking Junkies is a forum dedicated to cooking. Where you can post your favorite recipes, or find that one recipe you have been looking for, to make you a better cook.

62,945 Topics
1,196,064 Posts

Work at Home

Work at Home Forum : Work at home jobs, opportunities, and community for freelancers and those who work at home.

368,209 Members
19,424 Topics
128,707 Posts

- Solia Online

Solia Online is a social avatar community that focuses on providing fun and inventive ways on the net to express oneself. With a strong Role Playing and Artist community, our forums are always active.

96,482 Members
307,190 Topics
5,426,026 Posts

Talkgold HYIP, Investment & Mo

HYIP and Money Making Discussion, Forum. High Yield Investments, Forex

310,109 Topics
5,190,164 Posts


The Online Community for Cactus and Succulent Growers

2,089 Members
16,321 Topics
171,895 Posts


Online offshore sports betting, internet sportsbook and online gambling featured by Daily internet articles on gaming industry, free picks, odds, list of reputable and disreputable sportsbook sites, sports forum.

210,202 Topics
2,063,585 Posts

Want to start a new website? Then sign to up forums in related niches in order to find out more about that niche, and maybe build some forum .signature links to your own site.

If you don't see many forums listed here that are relevant to make money online, then why not start your own forum?

If you want to find out more about the Internet's biggest forums, search for them here on FindAForum.Net.

Niche Blogs

This table shows some of the highest ranking blogs in the make money online niche. Check these blogs out to see what they're blogging about. At the very least you could write some good comments and get a backlink. You'll be less likely to be flagged as a spammer if you write a good comment and don't include any links. Just be happy with a link to your site from your name.

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More Niche Research

Find more popular niches researched for you here.

If you want to research any of the long tail keywords you see on this page then download Niche Laboratory Pro. It's the most comprehensive niche research tool available. Find long tail keywords, related niches, blogs, influencers, article ideas and everything else you need to totally dominate any micro-niche.