About Find A Forum.Net

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Welcome to Find A Forum.Net. Find A Forum is the #1 Internet resource for information about Internet discussion forums.

I built Find A Forum as I wanted to find some new forums to join. However, I found out that the ever popular Big Boards (http://www.big-boards.com/) was no longer available.

So I decided to build a new version.

Find A Forum has a number of advantages over Big Boards. The key features are that Find A Forum:

  • Is actively being developed and enhanced.
  • The site is open for new forum submissions.
  • It is pretty much automated, apart from the selection of new forums to add to the directory.
  • Has a responsive design, so it looks great on anything from a 21" monitor to a 4" smartphone.
  • Shows you loads of useful information, including where the forum is hosted, its Moz ranking, RSS feed and much, much more.
  • Caches most content, and is designed for speed.
  • Contains listings for booming niches that have emerged over the last decade, such as social media marketing, drones and the keto diet.
  • We have some extra tools such as the Forum Topic Ideas Generator.

The Enduring Popularity of Internet Discussion Forums

Forums, discussions boards, bulletin boards, whatever you like to call them are immensely popular!

Some of the boards featured on Find A Forum have over 50,000 members. Many of these members have posted over 2000 messages to their favourite forum!

I've personally been a long time fan of forums, having been a members of quite a few over the years.

The Vastness of the Internet

While compiling the initial list of forums to include in Find A Forum, I've been struck by just how VAST the Internet is. I mean, who would have thought that a forum about Tortoises would have over 20,000 members?

And there are whole niches out there that you might not even have heard of, or had any idea of how big they were.

For example, I'm currently living in Thailand. Many people dream of doing the exact same thing. So here's a 50,000+ topic forum where people can talk about their hopes and dreams of doing exactly that.

So go explore Find A Forum, and see what's out there.

BrettB, 10.10.2013

2021 Rebuild

So after around 7 years FindAForum has had a rebuild. I was prompted by the huge traffic surge after the site went viral (thanks guys!). I always thought these traffic spikes only happened to other people:

FindAForum's traffic surge chart

The main changes with this new build are:

  • The site has been merged into my Visual Studio Solution for all of my other apps. This allows it to share the codebase of other sites and also makes it easier to add in content from my other ventures.
  • The procedure for adding new forums has been completely revamped.
  • Images will be switched to the much more efficient WEBP format, saving your bandwidth (and mine!). If you can't see many images on the site, you need to update your web browser.
  • There's new content from FindABlog that has now been integrated directly into the site.
  • The search has been revamped with an 'infinite scroll'. This will be really useful if the number of forums increases substantially.
  • It's now possible to view the number of forums in a particular subcategory.
  • The site should be a lot faster to load.

BrettB, 17.01.2021

P.S. If you need some extra inspiration, check out my niche research tools Niche Laboratory (find keywords) and Blog Spy (see what your competitors are blogging about). I've also built a directory of blogs at Find A Blog.Net and a directory of interesting YouTube channels at Find A Channel.Net.