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Use this free Forum Topic Ideas Generator tool to brainstorm ideas for topics to post on internet discussion forums. You may find this tool especially useful if you're starting a new niche forum in a particular niche. Remember to bookmark this page and visit from time to time as the suggested topics change constantly. Posting updated traffic on your forum will help keep visitors interested in your board, and will hopefully lead to more user registrations.

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e.g. weight loss, keto diet, dog training

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Related Niches

This table lists some related niches. The popularity refers to the number of relative number of times our portfolio of SEO sites have encountered the niche. Less popular niches may be easier to rank for and ideal keywords to base a microniche authority site or small niche discussion forum around.

Niche Popularity

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Forum Topic Ideas

If you're starting a new discussion forum then it's a great idea to 'seed' your new forum with some topics people are interested in and will want to register and post a response to. To make your forum look more realistic you could create a few different user accounts then post some replies to your own topics. That way your new discussion board will look like it's a pretty lively place already, which will encourage more people to register.


Note: you might need to adjust these suggested forum topics for singular or plural forms and also to make them more appropriate for your audience and niche.

Video Title Ideas

Not many forums have a YouTube channel, but this can be a great way to find new visitors to your forum. Below are some ideas for videos you could create.


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Note: you might need to adjust these suggested video titles for singular or plural forms and also to make them more appropriate for your audience and niche.

Tips for Brainstorming Forum Topics

Below are some tips for rapidly growing your forum by adding relevant and topical topics and posts that lurkers as well as registered members will be sure to love.