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Finding Niches

Looking for a new niche topic for a website? Find A Forum has many tools to help you search for a niche!

ALL of the forums on Find A Forum get big traffic and are in niches that aren't too hard to monetize.

Here are ten suggestions for finding niches on Find A Forum:

  1. Use the search facility! Remember to search for different words associated with your niche. Don't forget to use good English, e.g. search for internet marketing and not just im.
  2. Browse the list of forum categories and sub-categories.
  3. Totally out of ideas? Then try the random forum feature.
  4. Want to make BIG MONEY? Then browse the list of big forums.
  5. Want to enter a competitive niche like weight loss? Well good luck to you! But a sneaky tip here is to examine one of the forums in this category, then view the Forum Keywords associated with that particular forum. Sometimes you can find a word that will give you an idea for a great micro-niche site. For example, on the 3 Fat Chicks forum I spotted two keywords in the keyword word list - goal and overeating. Combine these two words and you've got a great little niche site like
  6. More niche ideas can be obtained from viewing a site's main topics. Find A Forum lists all the major topics and sub-topics for many of the forums listed here. For example, the Brickpicker Lego site's topics are here. Browse the list of topics and you'll see Disney and Harry Potter Lego listed as sub-topics of the Brickpicker forum. Both of these are wonderful niches for e-commerce related blogs!
  7. Related Forums are another way to find niche ideas - especially if you like a particular topic. For example, here's another Lego forum, this time with a Star Wars theme. You'll notice that the Related Forums section shows forums about toys, collectibles and of course the Star Wars movies themselves. So if you want to make your own Star Wars niche site or forum then you'll want to be all over these related forums checking out their content.
  8. To make money online, think beyond making sites about making money online! At the time of writing, NONE of the top 100 forums were anything actually about making money online!
  9. Some forums have RSS feeds and they're great for seeing what's currently recently been discussed on that forum. For example, when I looked a few years ago, this dog forum's RSS feed had members asking about harnesses, urine acidifiers and somebody was posting something about dogs on beaches. So there's all kind of topic potential there.
  10. As well as a huge directory of forums, FindAForum's sister sites are being integrated into the site. For example you can now see data from our sister sites FindABlog, FindAStore and FindANiche. Visit these sites separately if you're interested in building blogs or dropshipping sites!
  11. If you want to do more niche research then check out the Niche Laboratory niche research tool I built. It researches entire niches for you, finding keywords, blogs, influencers and everything else you need to know about a niche. Use this tool and you'll never run out of ideas!
  12. Finally, SLOW DOWN. Ideas take a lot of effort, and you won't get many ideas from spending 30 seconds on Find A Forum. TAKE YOUR TIME! Seriously. Spend 2-3 hours on here just browsing and making notes. And please go back and REALLY read this list!

How Do I Submit a Forum?

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