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1. PerformanceIN Forums
The Affiliate Cockpit is the home for discussion, education and debate around Affiliate Marketing. Discover the latest industry trends, insights and challenges all in one place with a relaxed and...  

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2. Twist Affiliate Marketing
An affiliate marketing forum for twist affiliates to discuss all program updates, SEO trends and much more  


Niches in this category:

affiliate marketing   email marketing   network marketing   mobile marketing   services offered   facebook marketing   marketing online   digital marketing   video marketing   affiliate links   internet marketing   mobile phones   daily deals   ad networks   high performance  

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: less competitive niche
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Saki Says...

I have assigned the Marketing category a competitiveness score of 72%. The niches within is category are extremely competitive. Unless you are experienced at building niche websites or starting niche forums you should probably avoid this topic altogether. The best way to succeed in this niche is with a fresh idea. For example took a radical new approach to blogging in the super-competitive weight loss niche.