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1. Safaritalk
Talking Safaris and African Wildlife Conservation since 2006.  

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2. Africa Guide
Africa Travel and living forums for the whole African continent.  

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3. The South African Travel:


Niches in this category:

south africa   english language   human rights   mobile phones   fuel economy   african american   healthy living   services offered   home jobs   game design   alternative medicine   south carolina   black friday   currency exchange   business owners   business opportunities   breaking news   business english   language learning   mma news   google ads  

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Saki Says...

I have assigned the Africa category a competitiveness score of 26%. The niches within this category generally aren't too competitive. With some careful keyword research using tools like Keyword Researcher or Niche Laboratory Pro you could uncover plenty of untapped niches. You could also look for micro-niches in this category that aren't well served with existing forums.