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1. Ultimate Dressage
Forum has 3,424,100 posts.  

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2. Horse
Welcome to the world's most popular horse forum with over 7 Million posts, 50,000 members, 300,000 horse pictures & more. See horses for sale in our horse classifieds and create your own club!  

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3. Horse and Hound Forum
Horse and Hound Forum  


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book club   hot deals   potty training   job search  

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Saki Says...

I have assigned the Equestrian and Horse Riding category a competitiveness score of 49%. The niches within this category are quite competitive, with a lot of competition from other bloggers and forum owners. You will need a tool like Keyword Researcher to find less competitive micro-niches. For example in the pets niche you could make a forum about tortoises instead of a forum about dogs.