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Offtopic Religion Politics Philosophy Poetry Art Discussion Forums-Welcome-Socialize-Discussions-Topic Discussions-Entertainment-Mayhem-Art & Lit-Poetry & Fiction  

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2. DesignCommunity
The Design Community web zone is a friendly portal for discussion and mutual support in design, architecture, green building, architectural graphics, community and environmental quality issues.  

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3. The Poetry Free-for-all
The Poetry Free-for-all: a vibrant online poet community for aspiring and experienced writers of poems to improve through constructive criticism  

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4. Palimpsest
Borderline Highbrow  

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5. Activity Stream
writers forum: Active message board for writers, covering all aspects of the craft and business of writing.  

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6. G35Driver
The world's largest INFINITI G35, G37, EX, and FX35 community web site.  

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creative writing   science fiction   freelance writing   donald trump   content writing   relaxing music   car detailing   men's health   cell phone   current events   book reviews   metal meet   facebook ads   book club   young adult   black people   free stuff   audio visual   classic cars   cash app   children's books   powder coating   music videos   business ideas   happy birthday   content marketing   business opportunities   uk business   business online   services offered   seo tools   horror stories   critical thinking   harry potter   video sharing   english language   fantasy sports   trade show   video marketing   night vision   mobile phones   flea market   car audio   customer service   mma news   black lives matter   alternative medicine   birthday wishes   high performance   potty training  

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Saki Says...

I have assigned the Art and Literature category a competitiveness score of 39%. The niches within this category are quite competitive, with a lot of competition from other bloggers and forum owners. You will need a tool like Keyword Researcher to find untapped micro-niches. For example in the pets niche you could make a forum about tortoises instead of a forum about dogs.